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White Paper: Seizing the CSRD Opportunity

Updated: Apr 7

We are very happy to share this white paper, published in collaboration with FinComm Services' Marie-Josée Privyk, CFA, RIPC, FSA Credential and Novisto.

This is not just another publication explaining the CSRD and how difficult it will be to comply with.

Instead this white paper proposes a set of practical and proven ways to address its challenges, so that companies can seize the opportunity that it offers to truly integrate sustainability into their business model, including:

👉 A fact-based, “one-size-does-not-fit-all” calibration of double materiality assessments

👉 The smart dissemination of CSRD and ESRS information throughout the organization

👉 A process to ensure the systematic, maximized contribution from all stakeholders throughout the CSRD journey

👉 An orchestrated, “divide and conquer” program management model

👉 A documented path to CSRD compliance


What do companies get out of this?

✅ Significantly lower CSRD compliance risks and costs

✅ The means to leverage the CSRD as a foundation on which to build lasting and real sustainability leadership.

The Sustain It Right SaaS platform provides these key enablers to truly seize the CSRD opportunity. Find out more at

The white paper can be downloaded here.


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