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The unique SaaS platform enabling a safe and efficient journey towards full CSRD compliance and building in-house foundations for lasting Sustainability Leadership.

Sustain It Right CSRD Cockpit Module

Creation and ongoing management of the following CSRD management “cubes”, through which repository items are allocated to specific organizational units and assigned to specific evaluators.

CSRD Cockpit
cube 2.png
Materility Analysis
Discovery Plant

Sustain It Right CSRD Discovery & Materiality Analysis Module

Easy navigation through the CSRD's European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) content, browsing through Topics, Categories, Disclosure Requirements and Data Points, leveraging key words search and hyperlinks to access referenced content.

Macro analysis of materiality by industry.

Intelligent Double Materiality Assistant Module

Thanks to a set of exlusive enabling capabilities, SIR’s iDMA module lets you conduct your Double materiality Assessment (DMA) with greater discernment, accuracy, transparency, in full compliance with the CSRD reporting requirements.


The impact and financial materiality scores by sector and sustainability matter from our partner GIST Impact embedded into the module provide invaluable guidance to scope and define your sustainability priorities, while the SIR platform's core management framework and fully digitized evaluation workflow lets you specify the Double Materiality Assessment process' scope, steps, activities and participants with maximum precision, cost-efficiency. 

iDMA provides full traceability of the whole process,

 making it straightforward to justify iits outcome to auditors. It suits companies of any shape and size and can be implemented in a matter of days.  

Sustainable Framework
Double Materiality
Conceptual Framework

Sustain It Right CSRD "3D" Compliance Gap Assessment Module

Automated preparation and sending to assigned evaluators of compliance gap assessment questionnaires containing specific Disclosure Requirements for specific organizational units, with precise guidelines and deadline.

Evaluators are required to give a compliance score by Disclosure Requirement, justify it, report ongoing action plans and specify resources required to fill any reported gap.

Requests for clarification are addressed through collaborative workflows to ensure full consistency of inputs.

Monitoring of inputs submission against stated deadline.

Compiance Gap

Sustain It Right CSRD Reporting Assurance Preparation

Completion of a CSRD “3D” compliance gap assessment prior to assurance.

Synthesis of compliance status with compliance scores and associated elements (justification, ongoing action plans, estimated time to full compliance) by Disclosure Requirement and by organizational unit, with stated accountability for each item.

Analytical Cubes
Assurance Preparation
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