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A New Integrated Climate Risk & ESG Management Solution

Sustain It Right (SIR) and Weather Trade Net (WTN), a global provider of science-driven physical climate risk analytics, are pleased to announce the launch of a new high-value value solution aimed at helping companies optimize their climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, while complying with ESG reporting obligations. 

The integration of WTN’s cutting-edge granular climate risk analytics into SIR’s best-in-class, collaborative ESG compliance and excellence management platform, creates a unique ability to seamlessly manage a science-based consultation with all affected stakeholders on the business consequences of climate change, across the entire value chain, fully integrated within a structured double materiality assessment workflow. 

This innovative solution – which complies with any climate change reporting standard (e.g., CSRD’s ESRS E1, ISSB’s IFRS S2, SEC Climate Change Disclosures, etc.) – fosters the design of optimized, consensus-based climate risk mitigation strategies and corporate transition plans, at a minimal cost. 

Join our webinar featuring Elena Maksimovich, CEO and founder of WTN and the Sustain It Right team on July 11 at 16:00 CET / 10am EST, to learn more about our unique value proposition and how it can easily be deployed in your company.

Visit this page to register.


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