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Sustain It

The unique SaaS platform enabling a safe and efficient journey towards full CSRD compliance and building in-house foundations for lasting Sustainability Leadership.

The SIR platform provides multiple benefits:


Streamline the CSRD journey

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, its maximum flexibility and scalability, and its easy setup, the SIR Platform allows you to manage seamlessly the whole CSRD process : due diligence, double materiality assessment, compliance gap assessment, people engagement, implementation plan, tracking & monitoring, and preparation for assurance.

The SIR platform has been designed to suit any company, whatever the number and complexity of business units and geographic spread, the range of materiality profiles and the diversity in ESG maturity capability levels.


Engage people and set the right priorities

With the SIR platform, Sustainability Reporting Standards are no longer restricted to auditors and controllers, they instead infuse throughout your organization and become targets which people are committed and engaged to achieved. Such people engagement in, and contribution to, the CSRD compliance journey occurs naturally with the SIR platform because managers and stakeholders are placed at the very heart of its data model.

Beyond compliance, the SIR Platform provides you with a global visibility of all areas to improve sustainability, helps you prioritize efforts, and guarantee that the right people are working on the right sustainability actions at the right time.


Implement CSRD “lean and clean” compliance

The SIR platform makes it easy to drive full compliance to the CSRD, while avoiding overreporting on unnecessary (i.e., not sufficiently material) elements. This is achieved through an intelligent differentiation of reporting requirements by organizational unit, based on the type of products or services, sustainability specificities associated to the unit's geographical location and the jurisdiction to which it pertains, as well as the characteristics of its value chain.


Dramatically cut costs and time for compliance

One major benefit of the SIR platform is to dramatically reduce the cost and time for compliance thanks to a unique set of automated capabilities :

✓  A search engine to immediately locate content related to specific sustainability
✓  A fully digitalized assessment through our “3D” proprietary framework : people, reporting components, organizational units
✓  Advanced analytics to evaluate and monitor sustainability gaps and progress
✓  A centralized vision easily accessed by all stakeholders, including intenal and external stakeholders (e.g., auditors, customers, legislators, NGOs, etc.)
✓  Management of other Sustainability reporting standards, for instance the ISSB's IFRS S1 & S2.

The SIR Intelligent CSRD Management Platform provides a fertile ground to leverage the new regulation to transform your company into a long-term sustainability leader.

Ready to get started?

To get a demo of the SIR Intelligent CSRD Management Platform and learn more about our SaaS subscription model, fill out our form here.

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