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Official Launch of Sustain It Right’s intelligent Double Materiality Assistant

We are thrilled to introduce our game-changing Intelligent Double Materiality Assistant (iDMA) SaaS solution, capable of dramatically improving the quality, precision, speed, cost efficiency and compliance of Double Materiality Assessments.

This smart digital assistant helps you optimally complete the following activities:

  • Scope your double materiality assessment with confidence, leveraging the sector specific, science-based materiality scores produced by our partner GIST Impact

  • Differentiate your Impact, Risks and Opportunities (IROs) by “sustainability units”, i.e., business units, operational sites, regions, and jurisdictions with different sustainability materiality profiles

  • Let internal and external stakeholders weigh in on specific assignments, through a fully digitized, interactive evaluation workflow

  • Reconcile all perspectives through a multidimensional analysis to eventually build optimal sustainability strategies and plans by business unit, by region, by jurisdiction and by site Provide full traceability and auditability of the entire double materiality assessment process to your external assurance provider (as per the CSRD)

iDMA’s key strengths and benefits are summarized below:

iDMA Solution - Key Strengths

iDMA Solution - Key Benefits

Getting started

The iDMA solution is highly flexible and intuitive, thus doesn’t require any custom setup or user training. You can start benefitting from it right away by requesting a free trial at

Alternatively, you can request a live demo through the following link:

We are looking forward to further assisting you in your CSRD journey.

See some sample screenshots below


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