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Discover Our New Complementary Tool: The Online ESRS Navigator

Updated: Jun 29

#CSRD streamlining alert!

Sustain It Right is happy to provide a complimentary access to two new tools, aimed at facilitating company-wide appreciation and assimilation of the CSRD, while minimizing the compliance costs and risks.

Complimentary tool #1: Online ESRS Navigator

This online tool, which reflects the latest – and supposedly final - list of ESRS 1532 possible Data Points published by EFRAG on May 31st, allows you to:

✅ Parachute into a specific ESRS, Category or Disclosure Requirement, in one click

✅ View ALL (*) RELEVANT (**) Data Points associated to any Disclosure Requirement, in one click

✅ Access 300+ cross references through hyperlinks, in one click

(*) The Data Points related to the Minimum Disclosure Requirements (MDR) specified in ESRS 2 have been inserted in the right sequence under each Topical ESRS, giving you a comprehensive and orderly view of all Data Points.

(**) In accordance with the regulation, the Navigator presents a different list of Data Points depending on whether policies, plans and targets exist or not. 

👉 To access the ESRS Navigator: No registration required. 

Complimentary tool #2: ESRS Data Points Manager

This downloadable desktop tool provides you with a sanitized, restructured, comprehensive, integrated version of EFRAG's latest list of 1532 possible Data Points in one single Excel sheet, allowing you to:

✅ Use pre-built “expand / collapse” buttons to easily browse and visualise Data Points by ESRS and Disclosure Requirement

✅ Apply filters (e.g., mandatory vs. voluntary, phase-ins by company type, link with other regulations, etc.)

✅ Access the related ESRS text via hyperlinks

✅ Insert your own content to manage the reporting scope and progress (e.g., opt-in/out, materiality, readiness level, action plans, etc.) 

👉 To download the ESRS Data Point Manager: go to

Any question on the mechanics of these tools, or interested in learning more about Sustain It Right's ability to digitally orchestrate a "lean and clean" CSRD compliance program? Please email us at


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