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3 Free Ressources to Help with your CSRD Journey

Updated: Apr 7

Here are three Sustain It Right free resources that you might find useful if you are presently trying to get your arms around the CSRD and its associated reporting obligations known as ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards).

👉 Free resource No.1: CSRD knowledgebase

This page gives you one-click access to many key CSRD- and ESRS-related publications, including important advice on how to orchestrate your CSRD compliance journey.

👉 Free resource No.2 (for desktop/laptop only): ESRS discovery

This tool lets you easily browse the 12 ESRS, their Categories / Disclosure Requirements, with immediate access to the associated Application Requirements and Datapoints, as well as the 300+ cross-references through hyperlinks. You can also search the regulation for key words (e.g., “materiality”, “value chain”, “GHG”, “substances of very high concern”, “water-stress”, ‘invasive species”, “recycling”, “hazard”, “disabilities”, “indigenous”, “corruption”, etc.).

This discovery tool will help you gauge the ESRS breadth and depth. Sharing it with your colleagues is a good way to create a common sense of urgency in relation to the CSRD compliance journey ahead.

👉 Free resource No.3 (for desktop/laptop only): CSRD compliance gap self-assessment

This tool lets you easily perform a 360-degree, guided assessment of your company’s CSRD compliance gaps on material ESRS components, then download the results in table and graphical formats (see this post’s illustration).

Sharing your CSRD compliance gap self-assessment results is a great way to fuel a discussion on how to prioritize, resource and orchestrate your company CSRD journey.


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