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Webinar: Seizing the CSRD opportunity

Updated: Apr 7

The replay of the September 27th "Seizing the CSRD opportunity" webinar is now available.

The key message conveyed during this event is that complying with the CSRD intrinsically entails a highly complex program, which companies should seek to "make as simple as possible, but not simpler" (to borrow a quote from Albert Einstein). In other words, companies should not overlook or run away from the CSRD complexity, but rather harness it and make it a springboard toward lasting sustainability excellence.

Here are seven key recommendations to achieve that feat:

1. Make CSRD as a strategic transformational program, fully endorsed and supported by the Board

2. Assign your best Program Manager to spearhead it

3. Make it a people-centric program, formally assigning specific sustainability matters and/or ESRS Disclosure Requirements to specific stakeholders

4. Differentiate your double materiality assessments by materiality profiles, formally segmenting your stakeholders by geography and type of operation (do NOT fall into the “one-size-fits-all” materiality trap)

5. Waste no time mapping your current compliance gaps across the entire company and build a company-wide CSRD compliance roadmap (it is OK to start the process even if you have not completed a double materiality assessment yet)

6. Use adequate program management technology to keep all the pieces of the CSRD puzzle tightly connected at any time

7. Assume full ownership of this major transformational program (do NOT outsource, you would lose most of its benefits)


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