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See the latest version of our ESRS Navigator

Updated: Apr 7

Happy New Year and welcome to the #CSRD #ESRS implementation era!

To help everyone kick it off with maximum efficiency, quality and speed, Sustain It Right is pleased to provide a free access (no registration required) to the latest version of our ESRS Navigator (pictured below).

To access it, go to this page, then select “Analyze ESRS” under the “CSRD” menu. You can also access it straight via this link and get a preview in this short video (no audio).

The new ESRS Navigator lets you visualize on the same screen the original texts of the ESRS Disclosure Requirements (published by the EC on July 31st, 2023) along with their associated ESRS datapoints (published by EFRAG on December 22nd, 2023).

This integrated, dual vision of the CSRD obligations - whose creation required quite a bit of background work to ensure exhaustiveness and an accurate reflection of the regulation's principles - brings two important benefits:

👉 It saves you significant time and potential headaches when trying to navigate between these two publications (which are fundamentally dependent from one another)

👉 It makes the ESRS thick and at times abstruse content easier to assimilate by everyone, as the lists of datapoints provides a comprehensive pre-read summary of the Disclosure Requirements' content before diving into it.

To experiment these benefits firsthand, open the ESRS Navigator, select the Disclosure Requirement of your choice and bring up the list of associated datapoints.

This free tool can be instrumental in making your entire organization more CSRD savvy, thereby fostering individual contributions and eventually turning the CSRD into an instrument for ESG transformation, extending beyond compliance and accelerating the journey towards sustainability excellence.

The same "ESRS dual vision" feature has also been embedded into Sustain It Right's CSRD compliance self-assessment module, making it easier to leverage. You can request a free license for this service here.

We trust that you and your organization will benefit from these complimentary services. Please contact me via LinkedIn if you have any question or suggestion.

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