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Official Launch of the SIR Intelligent CSRD Management Platform

Updated: Apr 7

Sustain It Right (SIR) is pleased to announce the official launch of the “Intelligent CSRD Management” (ICM) SaaS platform, whose purpose is to help any company - irrespective of its size and type of activity - fully embrace this complex, game-changing regulation, while drastically reducing the compliance costs and risks.


Anchored on a robust, custom-designed CSRD Management framework, the ICM platform offers a unique range of capabilities, including:


  • An easy navigation through the thick CSRD / ESRS content

  • The application of materiality filters and the definition of materiality profiles by organizational unit

  • The orchestrated involvement of all internal and external CSRD stakeholders

  • A precise, companywide CSRD compliance gap assessment, along with an estimation of the resources required to fill the gaps

  • The leverage of CSRD compliance monitoring dashboards

  • The definition of optimized CSRD compliance roadmaps 

  • The effective management of Sustainability Excellence programs connected to the CSRD framework  


Early ICM adopters have reported major benefits, including an acceleration on the CSRD organizational alignment, buy-in and contribution front, and a payback typically within 2 to 3 months considering only cost avoidance.


To discover the ICM platform’s full potential, you can:


  • Schedule a live demo via this link.

  • Test the platform by performing a free 360-degree CSRD compliance gap self-assessment via this link.

  • Get a 1-month free trial of the entire platform (please contact me)

You can also schedule a GoogleMeet session with me through this link.


Besides, if you are not fully clear on:

  • The CSRD goals, scope, structure, applicability, and timelines

  • Why this revolutionary regulation represents a pivotal moment in the history of business management

  • Why it will force corporations into deeply reengineering their decision-making processes

  • Why it will have worldwide consequences despite being an EU legislation

  • Why is it such a high bar for everyone

  • What are the toughest challenges to overcome

we recommend that you first look into our CSRD knowledgebase and our Browse ESRSmodule. Both resources are in free access and no registration is needed.


Sustain It Right is looking forward to helping make your CSRD journey the steppingstone toward sustainability leadership.   


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