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Reveal your CSRD compliance gaps
across your entire business

Intelligent CSRD Management Platform

Thanks to a robust, scalable, and agile “3D” CSRD management framework tightly integrated with advanced evaluation technology, the Sustain It Right platform allows you to:

Easily involve all stakeholders through a structured, coordinated, time-phased and transparent     process

Orchestrate double materiality assessments across all operational units, and capture materiality profiles by site, region, country, business unit, etc.

Easily reveal CSRD compliance gaps across your entire business, estimate and aggregate the resources and time required to fill them.

Regularly monitor progresses toward CSRD compliance

Provide a robust, fully documented basis for ESG reporting assurance

ESRS Navigator Module (Free access)

Sustain It Right - ESRS Navigator Module (free access)

1. CSRD Program Management Setup

2. Evaluation Phase

3. Analysis and Compliance Roadmap Development Phase

Less Costly

CSRD program management and assurance costs reduced by up to 75%

Wholly owned

You are in the driver's seat of this critical journey from start to finish (no outsourcing!)

Less risky

Remaining compliance gaps documented and justified company-wide (no grey areas)


Tight, company-wide coordination of all actions required to achieve full compliance


Time to compliance significantly shortened


Company-wide CSRD infusion, required participation, clear accountabilities


Exclusive focus on material matters in each organizational unit (less is more!)


Rock-solid foundations to achieve lasting sustainability leadership


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